The Way of the Wolf: the Gospel in New Images

I recently signed up to do devotions for a group I am in.  When thinking about what I was going to do, a book I had used many times for devotions when I was a camp counselor came to mind. Despite having used it many times early in my ministry, I had not thought of Martin Bell’s “The Way of the Wolf: The Gospel in New Images” for years, but something brought it to mind.  “Rag-Tag Army” in the book had always been one of my favorites, and I thought it would work well for our group of Spiritual Formation leaders.  After sharing the devotion, several others were excited in that they had also used that book years ago, but hadn’t thought of it in a while, and others had never heard of the book before.

This little book has great stories that re-present the gospel message in new ways.  The short stories and poems open our hearts and minds to new and fresh ways of hearing Jesus’ Good News.  The group enjoyed the story so much that they asked if I could share another treasured story from the book called “Barrington Bunny.”  One of my own favorites has always been “The Porcupine Whose Name Didn’t Matter.”  The stories that resonate with me are stories of those who feel lost or insignificant, and how they are reminded that in the forest of God’s Kingdom, no one is insignificant or unworthy.

It’s amazing how often we put aside books that have deeply touched us somewhere along our journey, yet somehow forget about them.  I was reminded that sharing these treasures and resources with a new generation is a gift that we have to offer.  If you are interested in finding “The Way of the Wolf,” it is available on Amazon.

Rev. Karol Lewis
Director of Christian Education
First UMC, Cuyahoga Falls


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